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Encouraging Newborns, Babies and Toddlers to learn basic British Sign Language

Whilst talking and without us even noticing, we often use gestures as part of our communication. Babies and under 5’s are very good at picking up on these gestures and using gestures to communicate before they can speak Think of a baby waving “bye-bye”, or even blowing a kiss – both of these are gestures. So, it’s not surprising that babies can learn how to sign.
Signing is not only a language, it’s also a skill. Babies are very good at learning signs and gestures and using them to communicate. Just by introducing some basic signs such as food, drink and toys (to mention but a few) will allow them to develop their communication in more ways than expected. Learning to sign will encourage your child to communicate and will not have any adverse effect on their speech.
The signs that we teach are from British Sign Language as well as iconic gestures. Learning this can develop children’s speech and confidence when they are communicating. If the baby can’t express themselves through spoken language but know the sign this it can then limit their frustrations because you will know what they want, leading to a close bond between you and baby/toddler. We will also use some popular songs and nursery rhymes which you can learn and practice at home.
You will be learning along with your child and you will meet other parents and carers and their children so the sessions will be a fun Way to learn and socialise. Your baby/child will receive a certificate after completing 10 sessions, a lovely memento for you to cherish.
“Signing to my baby came naturally to me as I’m Deaf so British Sign Language is my first Language. My daughter is now a teenager and is fluent in both BSL and English.” Constantina Christou CEO of Visual Signs Promotions.

What is expected from us?

Here at Visual Signs Promotions we offer classes. We understand that all babies are different and have different sleep patterns therefore VSP has a variety of times for classes so no one has to miss out. Each session will run for 30 minutes and the age group for this class will be from newborn to 5 years.

What is expected from you? 

Whilst we will provide some resources for your baby to play with, we encourage parents/carers to bring in a few of your baby’s toys to provide comfort and you will be taught a “sign name” for a that particular toy.

These following topics will be covered in our sessions.

  • Food and Drink - ice cream, milk, fruits…
  • Colours - blue, red, green, yellow…
  • Animals - dog, cat, fish, bird, rabbit…
  • Family - mummy, daddy, brother…
  • Objects - phone, swing, stairs, chair…
  • Gestures - hello, bye, claps, points …
  • Weather - raining, cold, wind, sun…
  • Emotions - more, hungry, happy, hot…
  • Questions - where, what, why, which…
  • Verbs - want, like, don’t like, come…
  • Adverbs - naughty, good, big, small…
We will also be happy to teach you any specific signs that you want to use with your baby/child

How do I get started with baby signing?

Communicating with your baby begins from the moment they are born. You can start to sign alongside the spoken word at any time.
Most children between the ages of 6 and 18 months old start to use a combination of gestures and sounds to communicate. This is a good time to start signing with your child and be able to communicate with him/her.
You don’t need to go on special baby signing courses to learn how to use gestures or signing courses to learn how to sign with your little one. However, some people find that social aspect of meeting other parents whilst learning can be a lot of fun.
You can book a block of 10 sessions for £50, a substantial saving on paying weekly. Any missed sessions can be made up at a later date with agreement for VSP. Topics will be repeated at a later date, so don’t worry if you can’t attend at any time, you won’t miss out on the information learned.

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Our aim at VSP is to firstly stop the Hearing community feeling uncomfortable with approaching a Deaf person and secondly, for the Deaf community to feel more comfortable in the knowledge that there are work places out there that have Deaf Awareness and Signing too.
Monday 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM
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Friday 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Saturday 8:00AM - 1:00PM
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