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Constantina Christou

Constantina Christou is the CEO of Visual Signs Promotions. The company is aimed for deaf people who may need to communicate in a variety of different settings and places for example, shopping centres/gyms/restaurants and any other general situations and places. Anywhere that can be included in your daily life and activities

Constantina and Edoardo (Director) started planning to set up this company in 2014. They are project workers for Visual Signs Promotions. Constantina researched thoroughly before setting up this company which is unique in having a vision of a world where access for deaf and hearing people is equal.

Constantina has a Diploma in Deaf Studies from Bristol University. After graduating from university, she became a Course Team Leader for British Sign Language at the college of North West London (Sept 1999) where she stayed for 5 years. Constantina is a qualified Relay Interpreter and even now still works occasionally as a Professional Deaf Relay Interpreter for Deaf clients in a variety of situations such as Court, Police station, Solicitor and Mental Health and is still enjoying working in this field. But as well as her work, she is fully committed and dedicated to the success of VSP. Recently an Enterprise advisor was supporting her which will help her business grow.

Constantina has a wide knowledge of different sign languages including, American Sign Language, Italian Sign Language, and International Sign Language. This is an achievement as her knowledge and skill of being able to communicate in several different languages is in much demand and useful worldwide.

Constantina’s work with the deaf community made her realise that many deaf people have poor access jobs, education and are not fully integrated in society. This led to a decision of setting up a business as despite her disability, Constantina has always achieved goals and aimed high as shown above. She was born (1968) in Balham London, born hearing but contracted meningitis at 6 months old which damaged her hearing and left her profoundly deaf, she has always believed that deaf people can achieve anything if they want it and are prepared to work hard.

Edoardo Brioschi

Edoardo Brioschi is the director of VSP designer, creator and inventor of the company. He has a wealth of experience in organising events. He works very closely with the CEO Constantina in all aspects of the business to achieve the company’s aims and objectives.

Edoardo recently moved to the UK from Italy where he had worked in Mediaset TV for 25 years in the 1990’s. He was famous in Italy for his work in mime and magic. Throughout his career Edoardo used the name “Eddy Brisky” under which he became very successful and well known. He starred in 24 TV episodes for RAI 1 “Fantastico” and 80 TV episodes for RAI 3 “Jeans”, both very well-known Italian TV shows. This work was done in Roma Italy from 1986 to 87, he also starred in many other private regional TV shows. Access to view these shows are available on Edoardo’s website www.eddybriskyshow.com.

Edoardo is extremely talented in a variety of roles and has many years’ experience in magic mime shows, comic and has also designed and created many decorations and props for sets for example. He has interviewed and worked with a number of famous people. He was also animator for a tourist village, hotels and a cruise ship.

In 2000 – 2007 when Edoardo worked in the movie industry he also turned his hands to many other things, for example he made tables, helmets, baskets, Greek and Roman vases and palm trees were just to mention a few, just one of the many talents he has.

In 1979 Edoardo set up a theatre company called “Senza Parola” the meaning of this is use of no voice. In the company, he had many roles ranging from presenting different acts on stage and he was the sole founder of the theatre company and which ran successfully for a good number of years.

Edoardo was born in Monza (Milan) in Italy in 1957. He was born hearing but at the early age of 13 months old he got a bad form of Otitis which affects the external ear canal which left him deaf.

Our aim at VSP is to firstly stop the Hearing community feeling uncomfortable with approaching a Deaf person and secondly, for the Deaf community to feel more comfortable in the knowledge that there are work places out there that have Deaf Awareness and Signing too.
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